Read about the experience of a lifetime--flying across the country (from Ohio to California, to be precise) in a small airplane (the Grob 115 C1, an aerobatic two-seater from Germany). Gordon Turner (my CFII) is the west-coast dealer for Grob; we picked up the airplane from the factory in Bluffton, Ohio, and flew it to Palo Alto, California. A word of advice: if anyone ever offers you a chance like that, snap it up. If you want to know more about the experience, it's described in my essays.

In the winter of '96-'97, I did it again--I combined my instrument training with a long cross-country flight. Again with Gordon, but this time in a Piper PA-28 Warrior; we flew from Palo Alto to Palm Springs to Albuquerque to Boulder to Grand Junction to Pocatello to Reno to Palo Alto. Took 5 days and 30 hours of flying, plus more hours in Idaho and the Denver area practicing approaches. I flew approaches into eleven different airports!


These days I'm working on my glider rating in an ASK-21. I started flying on Oct. 10 '98, and I soloed on Nov. 6 '98. Longest flight so far: 55 minutes from a 3000' tow (solo). The whole flight was in very marginal conditions, I never actually climbed at any time! I seemed to spend etermity just circling and looking for something a little stronger but sero sink was the best I could do.

If you're a pilot, I've written a program to do weight and balance calculations for light airplanes.


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San Francisco from 2500' over Marin (102K)

My favourite airplane, N2508Z -- a Citabria 7ECA
at the West Valley Flying Club(116K)