The Drone Rangers

Founded March 1, 1994. Officers: Toni Rudersdorf, President; John Hannah, Treasurer, Bill Rudersdorf, DroneStar Editor.

There are currently about 40 members in our chapter, which meets once a month - one month at a restaurant and the alternate month at Barnes & Noble. The B&N gathering is a book meeting where we discuss a Plum book we've all read beforehand. At these meetings, a member gives a talk over the book we've read and another member may present a paper about a personally selected Wodehouse topic.

Browsing and sluicing is part of the Drone Rangers tradition at every meeting. Every year we have a "Remember Plum" party, sometime near February 14, with costumes, food, alcoholic stimulants, and music (singalongs encouraged). Every July there is a pot-luck video evening, where we eat and drink to excess and watch Wodehouse videos.

Our membership dues are $15 annually and pay for the production of our newsletter, DroneStar. With the money that remains, we have a Drone's club style costume party near Valentines day every year.

The public is invited to our get-togethers and encouraged to join our merry band of Wodehouse readers.

Other things available

A sample copy of DroneStar is available in PDF format.

Also available is the Program/Guide/Songbook from the 1999 Convention in Houston.

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